3D Artist / Layout/ Animator   



I handled all stages of 3D production (modeling, evinronments, textures, rigging, animation, layout, fur, lighting, particles, dynamics, and render). Hero models originally obtained from (Millenium Horse, Dog, Big Cat, Victoria, Michael, ect) which I then modified to fit each shot's needs.

All post production including camera shake, color correction, and final composition by Cinergy Creative.

I personally created over 37 minutes of primetime-aired, high impact 3D animations covering 94 shots and spanning 32 episodes for this Animal Planet show over a span of 14 months.

All shots created under the direction of Leslie Allen and took an average of 2.5 days apiece to complete.

All clips created with Lightwave 9.6

 3D SNAKE Animations (3:30)